A better world is possible

TerraPura was founded as a means of sharing Chile’s tremendous diversity of terroirs and varieties with the world—always with a strong commitment to quality and sustainability.

About Us

A better world is possible, and we believe that the correct path is one that takes us back to basics, back to nature, and that encourages us to face each day with imagination and determination, seeking to overcome ourselves and being friendly with the world.


TerraPura is a line of wines that reflects the best of Chile’s wine valleys. It is perfect for those who never stop searching. TerraPura wines, which are made with a strong commitment to sustainability and that aim to show Chile’s vast diversity of terroir and varieties, are now available in Chile.

Chile and it´s valleys

Chile’s diverse geography, with the Andes Mountains to the east, the Atacama Desert to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Patagonian Ice Fields to the south, and its wide-ranging climates and soil types, make it a land that is beneficial for viticulture.


The production of TerraPura wines is inspired by the desire to create a better place to live without losing sight of what nature has to tell us.